Root Canals: Root Canal Therapy in Prairie Village

Do you need root canals in Prairie Village for the treatment of the infection of the tooth’s root? When a dental professional refers someone to an endodontics specialist for this procedure, many people automatically think of root canal pain.

Root canal therapy is part of modern dentistry and is an often misunderstood treatment that can help save your natural tooth from being extracted. We’d like to provide you with a bit of education about root canals to help ease your mind before your procedure. Keep reading below for more information!

What is Root Canal Treatment?

When your dentist tells you that you’re in need of a root canal, they actually mean that you need root canal therapy or treatment. This treatment is required when your dental pulp has an infection, deep within the canals at the root of the tooth.

During this procedure, your dentist or endodontist will clean out any dental pulp with signs of infection and remove the nerves of the tooth. From there, the inside of the tooth will be shaped, filled with a natural polymer, and sealed to prevent further infection.

Depending on your tooth’s condition, you may require a crown to help reinforce its strength.

The Root Canal System

A root canal is not actually the name of any procedure; it is actually part of the tooth. It is a complex system containing dental pulp, blood vessels, and nerves. The ‘root’ part of your tooth extends into your jawbone and holds the tooth in place.

The part above your gum line is called the crown and the parts of the tooth below your gums are considered the root canal system or the root of the tooth.

Root Canals in Prairie Village

While the root canal system is below the gums, it still requires the same care as the crown. To avoid root canal therapy, you’ll want to brush twice and floss once daily, visit your dentist every six months, avoid hard candies, and stay away from acidic drinks like orange juice and soda.

If you happen to need therapy for the infection of your root canals in Prairie Village, make sure to find a specialist like Valencia Endodontics that has years of experience, can walk you through the procedure, and ensure your comfort from start to finish.

When you’re ready for a consultation and to get rid of your tooth pain, give us a call to schedule your root canal treatment!