I was having a lot of pain from a tooth that already had a root canal. I saw Dr Chad Wollard at Valencia Endodontics and he used a new technology called the Gentlewave to redo my root canal. I was comfortable during the procedure and he was able to finish it in one visit. Having had my fair share of root canals I was expecting the tooth to be sore and have a fair amount of pain after the procedure. After the numbness wore off my tooth felt great! I didn’t even have to take any pain medication. I hopefully will never need another root canal – but if I do I will go back to Dr Wollard and have the Gentlewave!!​

This endodontics office is the best!!! The environment was so welcoming and modern like. Dr. Wollard did an amazing job on my root canal. This was my first root canal (and hopefully my last) and to say I was nervous was a huge understatement…I was terrified!!! But the doctor made sure I was given a lot of anesthetic and didn’t feel anything at all. The only thing that got tiring was keeping my jaw open. All I felt was pressure and some vibrating, I did not feel any pain whatsoever besides the needle which is just a little pinch. If I ever got anymore root canals (which I pray I don’t) I am going to Dr. Wollard and no one else!! He is the best!!! P. S. My root canal was the second to last tooth on the bottom right of my mouth and I heard it can be hard to numb that area but the dentist did an amazing job numbing it!! And the staff is sooooo nice and comforting!!! Best staff!!!!​

I’m someone who hates dental visits. But at Valencia, the dental tech laid my fears to rest and eventual I had a root canal procedure. No pain during or after the procedure, no swelling of the surrounding tissue. It’s 24 hrs after the procedure —no pain or swelling and I didn’t use any pain killer. Great experience at Valencia Endodontic. I will recommend Valencia to anyone , especially someone who wants a root canal procedure done right the first time.​

Wow! If only other medical related businesses were like Valencia Endodontic…… Any business for that matter. From the front desk through the procedure to the follow-up, it’s a top notch operation all the way. Professional, courteous, friendly, efficient and fast. I heard horror stories about root canals and was anxious about my first. Leah was comforting and patient, informing me about the process and helping put me at ease. Dr. Wollard handled the procedure like a wizard. The whole experience lasted no more than 30 minutes! Highly recommend Valencia Endodontics!